About Us

Dog and Cat food

If your pet is an integral part of your life, if their health is your priority, if the high-quality food is crucial for you, then we are right here to help to make all your dreams come true. Let pamper our cute dogs and cats with natural and bio feed fulfilled with our care.

Fish Food

The innovative method used for our feed production is recognized in aqua industry by the developed countries. The main outcomes of our feed is that fish like trout, sturgeon and carp grows faster and the taste of cooked fish is significantly improved.

Pig Food

Our piglet and pig feed became an integral part of the farmer in Kakheti who has large pig farms. The main reason for it is that we produce GMO-free and bio product that is obtained by using new technologies of feed production. The feed has gone through plenty of different examines and proved that it is suitable for pig growing and as a result, piglets grows faster in a shorter amount of time than it used to be before.

Cow Food

We offer bio and healthy feed for cattle dairy and beef cattle. The main results of our feed is that the milk amount can be increased by 50% based on the breed of dairy cattle, while the beef cattle gains weight faster.

Rabbit and Hare Food

We offer rabbit and hare feed produced in Georgia. It is enriched with necessary vitamins and minerals. As a results, rabbits or hares need 20% less feed compared to other type of feed.

Chicken Food

We offer egg maker and weight booster feed for chicken. The main results of this feed is that hen lays egg every single day, while chicken grows faster and bigger due to a very digestible formula of the feed.